Tokyo Metropolitan - Flood Control Integrated Information System (Bureau of Construction River Division) Provide
What is the Flood Control Integrated Information System?
 The Flood Control Integrated Information System aims to promptly and accurately provide information regarding flood control such as river water level and rainfall amount, in order to mitigate the damages caused by floods and high tides.
 Observation data such as rainfall amount, river water level, tide level, etc. are automatically collected real time from the rain gauges/water gauges installed around the city, processed and displayed on a map or in report tables. The river image data are also displayed.
 Besides, other information such as weather warning/alarm, sediment disaster alert information, flood forecast, etc. is also displayed real time.

Screen example of the Flood Control Integrated Information System

Rainfall graph Water level graph Inside / Outside water level graph Surveillance camera
The condition of rainfall and river water level in Tokyo is displayed every 5 minutes. Please refresh the page to get the latest information.
Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Construction - River Division - Diaster prevention department